Our Counselors

We understand talking to a stranger can be hard. We make sure you know a little about the counselor before you take a session with them. 

Dr. Sangeeta Kamath

Each one of us have unique challenges in life and we try to resolve them in our own unique ways. However there are times when it is difficult to deal with some of the social, emotional and physical challenges. Connecting with us will help you to get a better understanding of your problems and cope up with them in effective and healthy ways. It will help you to deepen your understanding of your own self, understanding of the people around you and in improving your adjustment to the different situations in your life.

Ms. Aarti Shah

Listening to individuals whilst exploring the motives behind their actions is something which got me interested in taking up Psychology. My area of interest mainly lies in Cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents and adults across numerous conditions. While working with my clients I tend to adopt a problem-focused approach. Therapy tends to works best when it is collaborative in nature and goal-directed. I believe that the act of being aware and insightful helps us better towards the acceptance of difficulties. This becomes the first step for us to turn inwards for dealing with ourselves. The movement thereafter is fairly less worrisome.

Ms. Darshana Kulkarni

This is a non judgemental and safe place for you to express your thoughts, feelings, fears, worries, guilts, or dilemmas. It will be a collaborative process where you heal, unlearn, discover and rediscover yourself; a journey where we both learn from each other and grow. I appreciate the initiative you have already taken by visiting this site and by considering seeking help. Your mental health will be my primary concern while ensuring confidentiality. Looking forward to talking to you!

Ms. Manava Bhagwat

Everyone needs someone to listen to their needs. At Vartalabh, we assure you that we will lend you a nonjudgmental ear to your issues and needs. We all will together embark on the journey of exploration and greater understanding of our personality. I assure you patience, empathy and complete confidentiality in this process. Talking freely without any judgement or inhibition will be our aim. Creating a stronger sense of self will be our goal.

Ms. Sayli Gurav

It is time to make mental health accessible to all. It no longer needs to be an elite service. The mind is as important as your body, so you must give it the required attention. Be assured that this is a safe and judgement free platform. I believe, therapy will be healing not just for you, but also for the people in your life because it helps you become the best version of yourself through self exploration and understanding. I assure you patience, respect and understanding throughout the entire process and your well-being will be my priority through it all.